Company CELEJA Export-Import D.O.O. was founded on Sep 2nd 1992. The owners are Snezana and Zoran Jovanovic, entrepreneurs from Cacak, Serbia. We are dealing with production of folios for households. Since the foundation company has directed its business development into the production and to the demands of market if needed. For fifteen years of working there was created cognizable image at domestic market by using of modern world technologies.

There are 5 employed laborers in the company. Production is realized in cooperation with the supplier of auxiliary goods "Elval" Greece. Production program consists of personal production of package, spiral in all diameters and wall widths, and wrapping ribbons for every single product. Intermediate goods are aluminum folios with mechanic characteristics of goods specially designated for household use. Company possesses certificate of "Elval" Greece and Sanitary certificate of HTZ Office of Serbia.

Sure and stable increase of growth, constant expansion of assortment, expansion of sale network, educated vocational staff, and modern concept of business that always have new tasks led to CELEJA's leadership at domestic market in this area. On every our article is clearly stated: "CELEJA - products at your service. Our mission is protection of final consumer - buyer who is the confirmation of our value.


Kind regards, Snezana and Zoran Jovanovic.
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